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That’s because the Denuvo DRM hard-coded Just Cause 3’s engine is so hard to get past with anything. It’s supposed to function as an anti-pirating device (which I fully support,) but it’s so aggressive that almost any sort of changes made to Just Cause 3’s files are counted as an illegal action. The only real and intended way to mod the game is through the Dropzone folder. When the game launches, the engine checks that first – and if there’s anything in it with a name that matches a default file, the game will temporarily overwrite the default file until the game is closed. Sure, it works, but it’s so restrictive that it only allows values to be changed. We can edit how many clouds appear in a thunderstorm, how many percent speed increase boost gives, how many seconds a Bavarium shield lasts for, etc. – but the game will not read custom and/or unpacked files whatsoever. The only way to add more to the game is to replace old entities with new ones.

I honestly didn’t know at first why Avalanche, a company that tends to leave things up to the community of modders, restricted everyone so much and provided zero tools. Further decrypting and decompressing however reveals that the game engine is a hacked-together version of Mad Max’s engine, with pieces of vehicle models and AI scripts for War Buggies still existing in the code.