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Here‘s a simple tutorial on how to edit weapons that still works after the latest patch.

Basically what you want to do is, you want to unpack game1 in patch_win64 and go into the __UNKNOWN folder and then into the adf folder. Once you’re in there you can either search for w701 in all of the documents but I’ve found that 38318259.adf is the file you’re looking for. Once you’ve found that file, copy it somewhere else so you can find it again. After that you will want to rename it to w701_missile_strike.wtunec (Don’t forget to change the file extension to .wtunec). You can then edit the file using ConvertAdf and convert it back as well. Once you’ve edited the file you can put in under dropzone\editor\entities\jc_weapons\02_two_handed\w701_missile_strike and it should work.

1. Unpacking game12 from archives_win64
2. Copying “\steamapps\common\Just Cause 3\archives_win64\game12_unpack\editor\entities\jc_weapons\02_two_handed\w701_missile_strike\” to C:\
3. Opening “C:\” via “Gibbed.JustCause3.SmallUnpack.exe” and I getting “C:\w701_missile_strike_unpack\” folder.
4. Opening “C:\w701_missile_strike_unpack\editor\entities\jc_weapons\02_two_handed\w701_missile_strike\w701_missile_strike.epe” via “Gibbed.JustCause3.ConvertProperty.exe” and I getting “w701_missile_strike.xml”
5. In w701_missile_strike.xml on line 713 replacing v4202_plane_capstone_fighterjet_rebel_01 to v4603_plane_urga_cargotransport_military_01 and saving.
6. Deleting old w701_missile_strike.epe, Opening w701_missile_strike.xml via “Gibbed.JustCause3.ConvertProperty.exe” and I getting new w701_missile_strike.epe (and deleting .xml file)
7. Deleting w701_missile_strike.wtunec and w701_missile_strike_grip_point.wtunec from C:\w701_missile_strike_unpack\editor\entities\jc_weapons\02_two_handed\w701_missile_strike\
8. Unpacking patch_win64
9. Copying \steamapps\common\Just Cause 3\patch_win64\game1_unpack\__UNKNOWN\adf\38318259.adf to C:\w701_missile_strike_unpack\editor\entities\jc_weapons\02_two_handed\w701_missile_strike\ and renaming this .adf file to w701_missile_strike.wtunec
10. Copying “\steamapps\common\Just Cause 3\patch_win64\game1_unpack\editor\entities\jc_weapons\02_two_handed\w701_missile_strike\w701_missile_strike_grip_point.wtunec” to “C:\w701_missile_strike_unpack\editor\entities\jc_weapons\02_two_handed\w701_missile_strike”
11. Deleting “C:\”
12. Opening “C:\w701_missile_strike_unpack\” folder via “Gibbed.JustCause3.SmallPack.exe” and I getting file “C:\w701_missile_strike_unpack.aaf”
13. Opening “C:\w701_missile_strike_unpack.aaf” via “Gibbed.JustCause3.Uncompress.exe” and I getting “C:\w701_missile_strike_unpack.aaf.unc”
14. Copying “C:\w701_missile_strike_unpack.aaf.unc” to “\steamapps\common\Just Cause 3\dropzone\editor\entities\jc_weapons\02_two_handed\w701_missile_strike\” folder and renaming this file to
15. Starting the game. Trying to call Air Strike.
16. When missiles trying to “touch” the land, the game crashes.