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GenerateNameList parses all RTPC files, collect all the different identifiers (that are 4 byte hash) and store them. It also collects strings from ADF, RTPC and AAF files (that makes million of files to search). It filter the strings and only keep those that matches identifiers. It has some garbage, yes, but most strings are corrects.

The garbage comes from a big file (that I didn’t include in the repo, if I recall correctly) that contain various dumps from JC3 binaries. It has the most interesting strings (all the data types, …) but that would take too long to filter by hand, and regexp may not help much. With this technique, I have 16% of valid and correct names (16.3% with garbage) on the total of all identifiers ever used in JC3 RTPC files. That’s quite good for a start. 😉 I should automatize the string extraction from the binaries of JC3, that should help a bit.

And that 00_generated.namelist is a failure. that’s not the correct file either.

Another point of this binary is that it serves as a test for an in-place loader (nothing to extract, nothing to write on your HDD).


The sleep… Well, you know the debug things that stay there, forgotten ? That’s it.


Thanks for the feed back ! I’ll fix everything right now.