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Well… The path_win64 has an archive that overwrite your mod, ’cause the wtunec file is no more in the archive.

To found that file, go to patch/game1/__UNKNOWN/adf, sort the files by size and look for files that are from 17ko to 10ko. Those are the wtunec of all the weapons.

Maybe you’ll found yours in those files. To know the name, open it with a text editor (like notepad++), look at the bottom of the file and you’ll find a string like “w256_my_weap.wtune” (could be truncated). copy that file next to you .ee archive (not inside), with the same name and the wtunec extension.

Do whatever you want to change its contents (ConvertAdf or you beloved hex editor).


And… I’ve already created a topic in how to mod weapons. Search the forum 😉