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Joseph Walden

It can’t generate the xml file for the modder, it just generates the template (which in this case, is the same as the xml file for my mod). The xml file is used to determine which folder to copy to the sky_fortress_dropzone\__UNKNOWN folder, and more importantly which folder to delete during uninstall. All the dev has to do is edit the template the program creates for their own mod. It would only take about 30 seconds as there are only 3 values (version is currently unused but I am working on an update notification system) for instance, In your bavarium splitter mod, you would change it as such

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<!–Generated By Aeros’ Mod Installer–>
id=”Ultimate Bavarium Splitter”
dir=”molten_bavarium_thing” />


Ty for the registry key 🙂