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@Rinse: drag the xml file 😉

BTW I’ve, again, updated the tools, adding some new cool utilities and fixed ConvertTexture:

  • Batch can perform batch conversion, smallUnpack, smallPack, … (it can convert any xml file in its binary format and vice versa)
    • Select all your ddsc file in a folder, drag this selection over the Batch executable to open that selection with Batch, wait and admire your newly create dds files
    • Select all the xml files created by the previous Batch run, do the same action (open with Batch), and that will refresh the ddsc files
  • RecurseBatchAndPack
    • It does a job alike Batch, but on directories: it search for any xml file in a directory, run the corresponding program and then create an archive out of this folder with SmallPack
  • SmallPack will no more create a .sarc archive, instead it will create a .aaf archive that you can then rename in whatever you want (probably a .ee file).
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