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I don’t think another launch option argument is required (I’ve extracted some strings of the binary, and there’s just a few options, none related with this). Did you know you can create a server that hosts some mods and add the –vfs-host and –vfs-port 4242 options ? (there’s some other options related to this, like http_filesystem (could be –http_filesystem) but I don’t know how this works).

Did you knew that there’s a -noautoreconnect option ?? But that’s unrealted to the issues.

There’s at least one way to do this, but without a mod manager, i will be quite dangerous and you may end-up re-downloading the game.

I’ve also extracted most of the paths contained in the DLC, but none of theses matches any hash in the .arc files (that’s why they’re still in the UNKNOWN folder). Like Protato said in another thread, there’s probably a part of the path we’re missing. I can always bruteforce the hashes with the path I already have, but… that will take a long time to run.

The previous update of the tools comes with something like 90% of the paths of the patch_win64 archives and the very last one (released a moment ago) fixes some stuff. As I’ve “finished” the name problems in the files generated by ConvertProperty, (the very last update !), I will try this.