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If you look at some just cause 3 torrentsĀ  you can find the removed files !

But there’s still another greater issue, that’s not sure that you can mod the DLC… I’ve tested many ways to create a mod of the rebel drop drone, but nothing happens, even if I use a corrupted file to make the game crash. I believe my paths are corrects (they’re taken from a config file from an unpacked arc file).

But if the conventional way to add a mod doesn’t works, there’s another one: edit the arc files. They can’t forbid us to do so, but the installation process may be a little slower and complex. I’ll try to investigate on this.

As the tools are now correctly working, I will release them tomorrow. (hey, that’s a great new !!)

I will do my best to make sky_fortress modable. That’s really a fcking pain to not being able to spawn drones…