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‘Cause there’s still things to do: the “ConvertProperty” is wrong (the first version of my beacon mod was using ConvertProperty, but that would make the game crash).

I don’t think that’s a bad thing that update, as it brings a lot of fix on JC3. The only issue was with our tools that doesn’t produce the right thing. We can’t blame them because we made some mistake on the tools !.

I know I probably am the only thinking this, but as a proof try this:

in my bacon mod, there’s a file named “w302_bacon.epe“. Drop it on the ConvertProperty executable it will create an .xml file. Rename the .epe file into something else then drop the .xml file on ConvertProperty, it will re-create the .epe file. Right-click and check the size of your two .epe files. It’s not the same, but nothing has been done !

But as I have some spare time, I will do this before releasing anything. (the code is muuuch shorter than the ADF serializer, so I hope doing this in one or three days).


Don’t blame Avalanche for breaking our mods, our mods were broken. But blame Avalanche for releasing a game with soo many bugs.