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Revision 3

  • Can combine property files (.blo, .bin, .epe, .asb, .afsmb, .brdd)
  • Can combine small archive files (.ee, .nl, .fl, .bl)
  • Can combine adf files ( .xvmc, .vocalsc, .onlinec, .stringlookup, .gdc, .etunec, .ftunec, .wtunec, .environc, .watertunec, .trim, .effc, .roadgraphc, .statisticsc, .revolutionc, .occludersc, .light_infoc, .worldaudioinfo_xmlc, .shudc, .collectionc, .routec, .vocals_settingsc, .aisystunec, .gadfc, .mtunec, .gvc, .bak, .world)
  • Can combine xml files (.xml)
  • Automatically determines file format of unknown extensions
  • Checks if there’s a new version available
  • Lot’s of fixes and improvements

There’s still a lot of stuff on my todo list, but now it should work pretty well. Let me know if you have problems combining any mods.