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Great! Didn’t notice the sorting option. Btw, as others have mentioned, this site looks REALLY good. There’s one problem with searching for mods. The categories show the right amount of mods that match the search word. But when you click the category it goes to instead of Another suggestion: When sorting by rating, the secondary criteria should be amount of votes so that 5 stars with 10 votes is higher than 5 stars with 9 votes.

Hey FIN ah yeah good spot! the Search bar doesn’t search within categories, even though the URL works I will try and get it working with the filter upgrade.

I am working on developing the search and sort to look like this (on the right) unfortunatly i wasn’t able to build this before launching so the kinda hidden dropdown was a quick addition while I work on the advanced sidebar filters.

Regarding the Rating sorting that’s a really good idea! I will keep this in mind when building the new filters so number of votes count towards the rating ranking.