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Would it be possible to push updated mods to the top on the mods page? It was this way in jc2mods and I think it’s good because honestly it would take some time for people notice updates for gibbedstools for example. If not, the version number could be shown next to each mod. Is it ok if my mod combiner loads every start and checks if version numbers match? E: And the text box is still so small that it can’t fit 2 lines unless I resize it.

Hey FIN, I’m planning to have a homepage widget that is going to show the last updated mods. I fear that if i do this for the mods page then people will keep ‘bumping’ their mods by making small edits. This also means new mods that have just been added won’t be given a chance to be seen, thats why i think its a better idea to allow new mods to be first and updated to not be. There is a dropdown sort filter where you can select last updated.

BTW the test site can be viewed by anyone if they want to see upcoming features. (pm and images are almost ready)

As for the text box switch to the Visual editor, there are two tabs on the top right of the editor. I will however make the plain text editor bigger too.