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Possibly yes… Avalanche engine pretty flexible, it IS possible to swap models, the only thing is that I don’t know how those model are made.
If I try to swap only model then textures and skeletal mesh (actually mesh deformation used to animate model) will be broken (maybe materials too). So I very confident that skeletal info and textures/materials needs to be swapped too. But there is a problem, that Rico model model is different to others.

For example Annika has next textures: arms, bulletproofvest, clothes, hair, shirt and tshirt.
Rico has next textures: body, hair, head, grapple, wingsuit, jc2_grapple and eye_gloss_alpha.

I just don’t know how to swap these textures. Even if at some point I did that then my animation is not working properly, mesh also must has¬†proper info about what vertices we need to move if we move “name” bone. This info usually contains in model itself, there is a HUGE problem with it. Rico has plenty of rig bones, but everyone else don’t. When Rico flies with wingsuit hit clothes “waving because of wind”, what actually animation and these waves controlled by bones. This breaks everything because EVERYONE else has typical skeleton that can’t be combined with Rico’s animation set. If only somehow .rbm can be opened… The thing we need to do with this file is reorder bones and that’s all! This can looks strange, you know, female with male skeleton, but at least something. I think I should look for Just Cause 2 mod, that swaps model, maybe I missed something important.