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This file allow you to regulate memory budgets of the rendering image within the game. This file is the key to optimize the game to not overuse any RAM while playing. I believe the file is the key toward memory leak solution. Enough info for ya? Did you even look into that file to see the content of it or you just asked this question thinking that I don’t know what Im doing?

You still don’t make much sense. First you said “I edited file and I want to know if it works” and now it’s “I edited a file and I want to know if it fixes the memory leak”. As I said you must define what you mean with “it works”. If you think that it should make the game use less RAM, then just monitor the RAM usage.

Yeah that’s the thing, when monitored the RAM usage using Rivatuner there was no difference at all. There must be another way to monitor what this file does.