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162576 wrote:

Okay to edit files thing looks very easy but still no one seems to give a hint how to compile the file back and make it work in the game. Ok I understand Gibbed.JustCause3.ConvertItem.exe and Gibbed.JustCause3.ConvertTask.exe convert to json. But what file should be converted to json and why. Come on dudes, you expect us to be creative but we need to know first.

Hi happyderp. Like FINDarkside said in another thread: There is currently no way (at least we haven’t found one) to re-pack the unpacked files back to game archives that can be used in the dropzone folder. Seems we will have to wait until gibbed works his magic out. In other words: We’ll just have to be patient. ;)</p> <p>The location of the value for changing grappling distance is known (we think). That should be an easy mod to make once we get the tools. What I want to know is where one can change the fov, if that’s at all possible. So if you want to shorten the wait, you could of course unpack all the files and start searching for that value. :)</p></p>