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Don’t worry the guy above you is a jerk. All he had to say is that he doesn’t know either. But he wanted to feel cool so he wrote what he did.


I also do not know very much yet but I did mod JC2 with Ricks tools so I was able to get a tiny way in. Below are the steps I took.


  1. Download the tools and extract them into any folder just put them somewhere you know where they are
  2. browse to the just cause 3 folder
  3. double click archives_win64
  4. the game_hash files from what I can tell can be used a a quick guide to see what the arc file contain so you can look in them to get an idea before unpacking the arc files
  5. below the hash files you will have two sets of each number file a .arc and a .tab
  6. (back in the jc3 mods folder) if you double click the bin folder look for the gibbed.justcause3.unpack
  7. drag any of the .tab files onto the gibbed.justcause3.unpack file
  8. this will create a folder which contains an assortment of things
  9. a specific .tab file I found was #35 which seems to contain alot of vehicle information

If you see a file with .bin this can be unpacked with the gibbed.justcause3.convertproperty

this will create a .xml file that can be modified

run the .xml file through the gibbed.justcause3.convertproperty again after you modified it and it will update the .bin file



This is where I get stuck though. I can find the vehicle information but I cant find how to modify the .ee files and I’m not sure i could get them to repack either.