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PS. no offesnse intended, but if you don’t know what to do with the rest then i don’t really know what to say…


Well no offense but no one knows everything when something is being started. And not everybody played JC2 before and created mods. So if you are releasing something it would be nice to add an instruction how to use it. What we gonna do with bunch of exe files without having any instructions?

What is wrong with someone totally new to learn how to create mods? i am sure you won’t say “if you don’t know what to do then sorry” kinda of being a jerk and mean to others.

I bet you didn’t know how to walk minutes after you were born so please stop this “yeah I know everything but I won’t share it to anyone”. That kind of attitude is pissing off.


Since the afternoon me myself I am trying to figure out how to use the Mod tools but nothing so ever, I even asked few peoples on JC3 steam forum and no one knows ….


It’s not really mod creation tool,

Then what is it? Because the title says JC3 MOD TOOLS. When you say tools it means it’s something that you can use to change something. Well for every thinking person that’s a way to say a tool to create something new. So if it is not a tool to create anything then change the name and explain what is it to the newers who want to learn moding?