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Hello from France to everyone!

Hello Zenin! i’ve seen than you suggest to our dear community to post here ideas about JC3 mods. So i have two ideas which could totally change the gameplay of this game and it would be absolutly awesome. First of all, we need a faster wingsuit cause after many hours of the game you get used to it and it is so slow, without any risks and a serious lack of sensations, despite this idea is so cool. If you could multiply it for exemple by two or three it would be more fun.

The second mod’s idea it a little more difficulti think but it worth it.¬†Like you know, the gameplay of every car on JC3 is absolutely horrible with a weird, incongruous and completely unpredictable collision’s system.¬†Unfortunely there is only the F1 car and two other one maybe which respond correctly and is enjoyable to drive. So i know there is a lot of work here. I’m waiting for your response with attention.

Thanks Bro! Keed the good work!