A Month of Modding & Big Upgrades!

It’s been over a month since Just Cause 3 modding began to take off, and ever since then we’ve been working tirelessly to improve every aspect of our modding resource. We’ve made tons of changes here and there to improve functionality and make the tools we’ve built more user-friendly and reliable. Hopefully you’ve noticed a significant improvement in the speed department, too – we’ve upgraded our hardware to cater to the massive influx of modders and players that we were certainly not expecting so soon. Following these upgrades we’ve taken to improving functionality by finishing the long-awaited private messaging system for the forums and adding a new “Images” section to the site where you can share screenshots of your modding experience with the community and rate/comment on images uploaded by other users. We’re working on tying this feature to the mod repository to encourage users to share photos they’ve taken and promote those images via the mod’s page. We’ve also introduced a new subnav for the forums and are on the verge of pushing some new features for the forums that we know you will love.

This morning, due to some unforeseen security-related complications, we had to perform a small backup which has resulted in the loss of two mods and a number of forum posts. We apologize for this. We’re working on tightening security so we won’t encounter issues like this again.

Author: Draconio